Founded in 1980 by Doshu Paul Li, "Seikido" is a complete Martial Arts style.

Seikido is a dynamic system of self-defense that integrates the most practical principles and techniques of martial arts. Its philosophy enforces a disciplined and righteous path that nurtures students towards success.

Seikido is not a sport - It maintains the essence and original intent of Martial Arts training in a traditional and non-commercial form. For 40 years, Seikido training continues to prepare students for life, developing physical skill, mental fortitude, and spiritual well-being. 

In 2020, the Seikido Martial Arts Federation celebrates its 40th Anniversary. It is a true community filled with loving friends and families, a great history, and a bright future.


Moving forward, we are now proud to present the Seikido Virtual Dojo - our official video database.


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